Arizona Trail, Day 23: Flagstaff Zero (Trans-Arizona/Utah Hike Day 30)

Welcome back to Aspen’s Tracks, thruhiking the Arizona Trail from Utah to Mexico. I want to note that this hike was completed before the coronavirus pandemic arrived, but it has left me with quite a bit of time in quarantine to write up my experiences on the trail.

Today is going to be a busy off day. I start it with a stop at Macy’s European Coffeehouse, an awesome breakfast place in downtown Flagstaff. They make particularly great waffles, but given the hiker hunger that all thruhikers suffer from, I add a smoothie and a breakfast sandwich for good measure today. I always make a point to stop here when I’m in Flag. Perhaps tomorrow will be a stop at Tourist Home, another place that came highly recommended to me but which I haven’t made it to yet. Flagstaff is an awesome town, for those who have never been. There are around 8 breweries, including ones like Wanderlust, Dark Sky, Mother Road, and Lumberyard, and loads of good places to eat. Outstanding place for hungry hikers.

After a hearty breakfast, I collect a resupply package and an absentee ballot for the Virginia general election at the post office. Even on the trail, I make a point of partaking in my civic responsibility. From there, it’s on to REI to start the major resupply to get me to Pine, the next major resupply point on the trail. I’ll need to replace my boots, but it turns out that will have to wait until I finish my circuit around to the south side of Flagstaff via Passages 32 and 31. My friend and I have dinner again and I repack for my stripped-down hike around the east side of Flagstaff. I’ll have breakfast in town tomorrow and then head back up to Schultz Pass to start the trek again.

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Yum! Breakfast time at Macy’s European Coffeehouse in Flagstaff

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