Day 11, Part III

The trail continues through the burn scar of the 2006 Warm Fire, In between looking around at the aspens in the prior two posts, a crack opens in the tree line to the west. The first southbound view of Grand Canyon opens up in the distance.

I ultimately ran out of light in the burn scar left by the 2006 Warm Fire, and the breeze is howling again tonight. Hopefully it calms down a bit overnight. I’ve arranged my gear to make a windfence as best I can but without any substantial tree cover there’s not much that can be done. This might admittedly be a rough night. I don’t get “caught out” often but 30-50 mph wind gusts were not in the forecast when I started this trek, and most of my cold weather gear is back on the South Rim for evaluation where it will be needed from that point.

Relive video for AZT Day 4 (hike day 11)
Fire and wind impacts evident in the 2006 Warm Fire burn scar.
Sunset on the Kaibab. A cold night approaches.

2 thoughts on “Day 11, Part III

    1. Thanks! This was my first time experiencing the fall aspens. I was hoping for just some color and instead got pretty close to peak. It only got better over the next few days, too – and this wasn’t the only area I encountered both aspens and other fall colors on the trail, so stay tuned for even more!


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