The Arizona Trail, Day 4: Central Kaibab Plateau, Part II (Trans-Arizona/Utah Hike Day 11)

Continuing through the aspen groves and ponderosa forest of the central Kaibab Plateau. It’s slow going, as the aspens in their splendor are very distracting. The day continues through ponderosa groves and then enters the burn scar left by the 2006 Warm Fire. Entering the burn scar, the wind picks up substantially, and even without carrying my normal weight it is blowing me around on the trail.

Another notable sight on the trail today – an extensive skeleton. It is the first of many that I encounter on the trail. Such sights are not uncommon in the harsh climates of the Southwest – whether because of temperatures, water conditions, or predators like mountain lions.

Next time, the final part of the day and the first glimpse of Grand Canyon on the trail.

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